It’s not even 2016 yet, and I’ve had enough!

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7.26.13 Dreams/Moon Dance/El Tango (Live @ Mathews, Portland, ME)

We played a gig with The Mad Mulligans and The Usual Suspects a few weeks back down in Portland at Mathew’s Pub.

We’ll be hanging with The Mad Mulligans again on 9.6.13 at Narl’s Pub in Lewiston, check the events page for more!

Stay Groovy.

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7.20.13 Plaza Polooza

We headed up to Stratton for a last minute fill in spot at this years Plaza Polooza. Here’s a couple tracks for ya.

This week we’ll be down in Portland at Mathew’s Pub. Details on our Events page.

See you there!

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6.7.13 Geno’s & 6.28.13 Moose Alley

We’ve so been busy with shows its been hard to keep this updated. None the less here are some photos and audio from a few shows from last month.

Our friends Mike Schrader and Djembe Mike made it out to our gig in Rangley on the 27th. Theres a good possibility of them returning to the stage with us sometime in the near fututre.

As always we hope to see you out and about of the next few weeks as our schedule is fairily consist. Stay current with our events calendar and stay groovy.

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4.27.13 Mainley Brews

The fine folks at Mainley Brews invited us down to entertain their bar/dinner crowd. We felt it was a good opportunity to try out a new piece of gear and do a live recording.

Here are a couple tracks for ya.

“Involuntary Monetary” / “Burnin'” / “Moon Dance”

Our friend Ryan was there to snap some photos as well;

Thanks again to the crew at Mainley Brews for having us!

See ya soon, stay groovy.

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4.3.13 Moose Alley

Headed up to Rangley last week to check out a new venue, Moose Alley. Our friend Jason was there with a stage set for us. Here is some audio and visual stimuli from the excursion.

“Land of Decree” is the tittle track on our full length album due out at the end of this summer.


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3.26.13 – Genos Rock club


Here are the results from last Tuesday down in Portland. Big thanks to the crew down at Genos for having us. We hope to visit again soon.

El Tango

White Out

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3.2.13 Club Rondevu

We made a trip down to Lewiston to play a show. We kicked it up a notch from our normal routine.

Here’s a couple takes for ya from Club Rondevu.

Not Much Different

Take Time

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2.25.13 LP Recording Session

We made it back down to UMA to lay down our first pass of tracks for our new LP, “Land of Decree, Home of Decay”.

Here’s some photos Ryan snaped. Stay tuned for more on our latest and don’t forget to check out the events page to stay up to date with what we are doing.


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2.7.13 Swig n’ Smelt: Thursday at Saddleback

Faces were melted, but no one was hurt.

Our love goes out to those who came to enjoy our performance and show support. With out you, we would not be. THANKS!

Keep your eyes peeled for some more shows, they are lining up. Make sure to check out the events page to stay current with what we are up to!

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